Monday, March 29, 2010

Soldier Force Series I Deluxe Action Figure Play Set

As with most of the Soldier Force I play sets, there was a Police Force counterpart. And vice-versa, of course. We already reviewed the Police Force "false twin" of this military pack, focusing on the first Chap Mei jeep. This time, we´ll have a look at the helicopter.

Contents view.

Included accessories.

Jeep. For more details on this mold, refer to "Police Force Series I Deluxe Action Figure Play Set".

Helicopter trailer with stand.

A very useful trailer to take your one-man chopper to the woods. The 3 holes in there may fit some cages (Dino/ Wild Quest lines).

Helicopter. A Chap Mei version of the G.I.Joe Cobra F.A.N.G.

Engine and rotors detail shots. The missiles are removable, but they usually came glued.

Cannon rotates freely thanks to a "swivel-ball" joint. The helicopter also packs a underbelly handle for either figures or mechanical applications.

Figures. For more details on these, refer to "Soldier Force Deluxe Tower Play Set" and "Soldier Force Deluxe Combat Vehicle - Tank".

Scale and comparison shots with G.I.Joe RAH figure.

Status: Unavailable

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  1. like it like it, the jeep is simple but great, such as the ramp and fang copter :P


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