Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Zoids2 - Raptor

Another 1996 release, this smaller set has a beautiful decal sheet that looks great when applied. But not only, of course. The Raptor, short for the Velociraptor "dino" is a great looking Zoid and very interesting as a toy!

Complete with box and instructions!

 Balanced (a bipod is attached to its tail for the purpose), shinny and well armed, this Zoid is ready for the fight!

Two double-barrelled cannons that can be moved around 300ยบ. One on each side.

Movable claws reveal guns to quickly send its enemies to oblivion!

Being a smaller Zoid (not the smallest, though), it is powered by a wind up motor.

Cockpit view with pilot.

Status: Available for trade


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