Sunday, May 22, 2011

Stone Age Dinosaurs figure playset w/ Animal - Gargoyle - Bootleg

 Another great bootleg approach (although very confusing in its various parts).

The last of the "unreviewed" stone age men, is set with a peculiar animal!

Included items. Total mess! Stone Age Dinosaurs figure, Wild West cactus and Gargoyle (probably from a the Witchcraft line).

Included accessories. The mammoth helmet is a blast! And a brilliant copy it is!

Figure: Bootleg version of Chap Mei´s Clawcracker.

Animal: Stone Age "Gargoylosaurus". It´s a joke, kids! I´m actually glad these guys included this Gargoyle. It is very well sculpted, and almost that well painted. CM Bootlegs are becoming sought-after items, and this is one of the reasons why. Excellent work.

Status: Unavailable

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