Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Madelman 2050 Batrus

From 1988 (although marked 1987) comes this wondeful Zarkons Attack Unit Robotic suit, Batrus!

For many, THE most interesting line of 3 3/4" figures apart from G.I.Joe, Madelman 2050 had a short life span, making it particulary valuable to collectors.

Packing their vehicles wasn´t EXIN´s best work, though.

Batrus, ref. 1726 from Madelman 2050 line!

A very common sight this days, the "exosuit" has always been a winner concept in movies and especially... toy lines. Exin´s Madelman 2050 used it wisely, thoroughly and most of all, with great and original designs.

Scale shot with a Zarkons figure, Lagard (not included).

Spring activated pincers, working missile launchers, a cool looking cockpit access and again, great details.

Batrus, C.O.T.A.´s Sentinel nemesis!

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