Thursday, May 12, 2011

Police & Fire Rescue Team Playset - Locker 2 - Bootleg

 Similar in all aspects to the police version, this "Fire Rescue" locker is another great dio addition for your 3 3/4" HQ.

This is a firefighter conversion of the first police locker. However, the "trade instruments" are different, thus making this another wall emplacement. Sort of rack kind of thing. 

Included items. Locker with a few detachable tools and the figure.

Included accessories.

Figure: See the original Chap Mei figure posted at "Freedom Force Airborne Mission" hanging from a parachute.

Detail shots: This is actually more usable than the police one. Meaning it serves more scenarios. You can paint the red white and make this a secret facility locker, or paint it bright yellow and make it a modern rescue tool rack...

Status: Look for available figures and accessories at CM Surplus Fan Markt


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