Tuesday, May 31, 2011

STAP with Battle Droid

One of the coolest Star Wars Episode I small vehicles (and the actual first "Menace" release, although in a Sneak Preview package).

An excellent patrol and reconnaissance vehicle, STAPS are piloted by battle droids, which function as the Trade Federation´s personal drone army.

European box version.

Complete parts view, unassembled.

The STAP is a small, mobile and rapidly moving craft outfitted with high-power dual laser missiles.

Including a handgrip (clear stand) to simulate hovering and flying, this craft is considerably detailed and like many of other Star Wars vehicles, very close to the actual movie models.

Figure: Battle droid STAP pilot

Articulated enough to perform needed poses, the funny loose articulation actually reminds the movie droids.

Features removable backpack.

Detail shots. The painting also helps to make this toy yet another great collectible.

Button under handgrip activates battle droid and fires missiles.

A small set and a great asset.

Status: - Available - Trade value: 20€

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