Thursday, May 5, 2011

Jump Zone masters

 Now for something completely different... or not!

Spotted in some convenience stores and even gas stations across Western Europe, these funny looking packages with an included paratrooper somehow look familiar.

 Jump Zone masters - Launch´em High... watch´em fly...

Based on Chap Mei figures from Soldier Force series I, they look like prototypes. Fully functional.

 Using the same formula of old 70s and 80s plastic military men, this capable action figure flies 30 feet straight up.

Remember trowing your old paratroopers? And how about ARAH G.I.Joe figures? 

Real parachute materials (as advertised) instead of 6 to 8 cords, it uses a tissue cone with a string on its end connected to the figures head.

The figure uses parts from 2 different Chap Mei soldiers.  Colors may vary, and I believe there´s another different mold too. A funny variation for CM collectors. Depending on the country and store, prices range from US$5 to US$7.5. Certainly a bit high, but collecting is an expensive hobby!

Status: Available for trade

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