Tuesday, May 10, 2011

True Heroes Pirate Crew

 In 2011 new Chap Mei themes got a chance with Toys R Us. True Heroes gained a new and wider dimension, not stuck with the modern world anymore.

 True Heroes "line" can now count on... Pirates!

Toys R Us now uses recolored versions of Pirate Expeditions and Pirate 2 Dark Water Voyage.

Captain Mad is similar to the original, and the Parrot looks even cooler.

Hand attachments and accessories view. Just needs the musket to complete the original look!

Figure: "Captain Mad".

Figure: "Viper Bill". Nice variation of the original.

Figure: "Scorpio Morgan". A little darker and with a grown beard!

Fritz lost its stripped pants, but it´s still kickin... with one leg!

Figure: "Fritz".

Orangehead Owen is not so orange anymore.

Figure: "Orangehead Owen".

Status: Look for available figures and accessories at CM Surplus Fan Markt


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