Monday, June 21, 2010

Tyco R/C Fugitive 9.6V Turbo Monster Truck

 Finally cleaned up and ready for action, we proudly present one of the best and most fun to play with R/C toy cars ever: TYCO´s FUGITIVE. Tyco was purchased by Mattel in 1997 becoming Tyco R/C.

Taking the scale into serious consideration, this truck opens the r/c label around here.

 And this is the main reason why it has a place between action figures. In the middle of the various available models, there was a 1/12 scale JP version. And since we don´t have it (yet), this is the next best thing.

Contents view.

R/C Control, battery pack (rechargeable NiCad 9.6V) and 4 hour (quick) charger.

A great looking and fearsome machine. Brutal-looking and as fast as a 9.6V toy can be. The most particular detail about its performance: monster wheelies! video coming soon.

Detail shots. Some similarities to Dodge´s Viper. And then again... maybe not. One thing´s for sure, this makes the 4 hour charging time for the 20 to 30 minute-run worth while.

And just for you Jurassic Park fans, the scale shots.

And for you Joes... this time, forget it. I wish this baby could be used though. It´s a beautiful piece of toy engineering too!

Status: Unavailable


  1. Can´t wait to see that video. One of my buddies had one and i do remember seeing this thing go around like crazy. Fast as... well, fast.

  2. I have 2 Tyco RC Turbo Blasters. Complete with no missing parts and original boxes. Batteries charge and cars work fine. ANyone intersted?

  3. Hey, I'm Looking For a Used, Or New Fugitive 9.6v Turbo R\c truck. Like the pictures above. I would prefer all original, in a box. Complete. But I will consider a broken, or used one. Do you have one for sale? Or know some one who does, please contact me, I am a very serious buyer. Email me


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