Monday, June 14, 2010

Jungle Adventure Wild Jungle Playset - Colonel Green

New for 2009, the "Jungle Adventure" Chap Mei´s theme spread through Europe at Christmas time. I was not a huge fan of this new theme, although the "Yellow jacket" plane (also present in DV3) and the "Jungle Trekker" are nice vehicles.

Since the very beginning of CM, I always had this scheme: Buying a set which had the figure or vehicle missing in my collection. Since CM does a lot of painting and repainting, this was the found way to save some $$$ and still have them all. In this spirit, this jungle set came home with me. And here it is for everybody to see.

Fresh out of the box. Nice landscape backgrounds. "Dio"-usable if you´re into clipping.

Contents view. Figure, accessories and animals.

The accessories. Nothing new, all these were previously included in older CM sets.

What appears to be a Komodo Dragon. I´m far from being a reptile specialist, but those dorsal crests are not usually present on those big reptiles. At least not commonly seen. Other than that, a nice sculpt of an iconic monitor lizard family member.

The Toucan. Too big, way too big. And those claws... and I though Spirit´s eagle Freedom and Raptor´s hawk had big claws.

The figure: "Colonel Green". Interesting body parts if you want a new custom figure. Apart from that, CM basic figure sculpting. Nothing fancy.

Scale shots. As you can observe, the Komodo Dragon has a near perfect scale construction, while the Toucan looks like a vulture in size. And what´s with the claws? Why those humongous excuses for feet? I noticed the Jungle Adventure vultures also have these overgrown members. And it´s a shame since this flaw makes the whole figure go to waste.

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  1. This guy is odd-looking, but the Dragon is something! As I watch your reviews, I can´t stop but thinking why isn´t there a straight line in Chap Mei´s figures evolution. For example, this figure here has a good overall look, but the articulation is as basic as they came in their first market tries.


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