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The Corps! Rapid Assault Combat Copter

Friday, June 4, 2010

Presenting the 2008 The Corps! Combat Copter.

1 of 3 sets from this "Rapid Assault" line, besides the patrol boat, and attack fighter.

Contents view. Vehicle, figure and bio-tag.

The figure: Billy "Jump" Johnson. The set does not include a weapon for this guy. Minor detail, but a flaw, nevertheless. These new sculpts have unusual large feet, though.

Angle views and removed weapons nests. 2 missiles are removable and 2 are not. The helicopter is very similar in construction to Chap Mei´s.

This 2001 mold is yet another Hasbro´s G.I.Joe F.A.N.G. knock-off, but a good one. A bit better than Chap Mei´s. The handle moves from side to side and the rotor blade is decent in detail. Overall, very good.

3 3/4" Figure piloting and as you can observe, the handle moved to show its pivoting motion.

Status: Unavailable

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