Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Deep Sea Adventure Marine Animal Playset - Dolphin

Great small set with a very well set up action figure (flippers, helmet, and featuring moveable feet).

Another pack from the still available DSA line.

Good insert graphics design. Classic, yet not vintage style. Timeless.

Included items. The dolphin is a bit too big, but not as outrageous as many other Chap Mei items. Usable. A nice addition to any marine/ naval set.

 As many other CM toy animals, this item features a triggered movable part. In this case, pulling the dolphin´s dorsal fin backwards activates its closing mouth. The tail also moves up and down. The figure also comes with a removable utility vest  reminding the U.S. military navy dolphin projects.

 Besides light and smooth detailing, the "vest" comes with side handles to which figures catch "rides".

Most of the included accessories belong to the included figure. The removable vest can equip pretty much any 3 3/4" figure, and the helmet is absolutely great. Flippers are not far behind too. New mold.

The box is an entirely different sort of accessory. If you have ever been to a dolphin show, this looks like the "treat box". For most 1:18 scale lines, useless. The handle is so thick it would break most figurine hands.

 Figure: "Flipper Miles". A great figure, and another one of Chap Mei´s elite figures. Moving feet, thin body, and greatly molded personal accessories. The colors used sort of remind me of the Secret Wars series 1 Wolverine.

Scale shots. The helmet and flippers are absolutely stunning and the bottom left picture serves to show how easily Chap Mei could shake the action figure world with a simple rescaling of their weaponry (as everybody knows) and finally, bottom right photo showing how Geobra´s Playmobil figures can use some of the overgrown CM parts.

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  1. I find this set of toys disturbing and will repost on to other organizations who will also be very concerned.Dolphins and Whales are sentient beings, we now know so much about their complex and social societys that scientists agree they should be allowed status as non-human ´´persons´´. We should be teaching this to our children, teaching them to respect other wild creatures who desverve the rights to be free.Are you aware of the controversial projects in the past by the navy, some of which have actualy taught dolphins to kill humans, often ending in the dolphins committing suicide...Dolphins do not belong in captivity, dolphins are not ´owned´´ by humans to do what ever we want with, as if they were a material object..and if we are to save our world, our future..we should be teaching our children just that...take this range of toys off the market and promote consevation for wild and free species of cetaceans ,,

    1. I totally agree with your sentiment Nori, but I think you're looking into it a little too deeply?

  2. @Nori: Believe me, I do understand you and agree with you. This is but a toy, and just like a toy gun, depends on how people look at it and what they see in it. Dolphins are not owned by people, as people are not owned by armies, nor by religion or politics. But these sets reflecting the reality of things, such as the Navy projects. And worst than taking these from children is hiding those facts. Maybe having some of these toys allow children to understand (and in time even criticize) reality as it is or was. The future... will be better, we all hope :) Thanks for the comment, Nori!

  3. where can i buy this from in the uk?

  4. Hi, you can have a look at our surplus items @

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