Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ninja Attack 2-pack - Set # 2

 Another pack of great Ninja Attack figures from Chap Mei´s German licensed distributor, Simba.

Odd  (but expected) colors become a minor detail when looking at the full picture. To this day, the 4" Chap Mei line with the most accurate sets of weapons, and the famous amongst CM collectors/enthusiasts revolving-wrists feature.  

2-pack contents.

Included weapons/ accessories. Those Shuriken  (hand-hidden sword), or "throwing stars" are just wonderful. Not only their size is considerably good, you can fill your ninja with them, since the figures come with pegs for them.

Figure: "Blue Power Ranger Ninja #2". The "straw hat" is an absolute distinctive detail. Can´t go wrong with the Raiden look there.

Figure: "Villain ninja#2". Pretty solid figure with some overdone details. Considering CM history... nothing wrong there too. And with a slightly different color scheme, this may become a classic.

With all that can negatively be said about the above figure, the holster is one of the best EVER from Chap Mei. Punisher or Phantom (the ghost who walks) would kill for one of these!

Every 2-pack comes with one of these (design may be different but mechanics is the same for all). It is not clear to whom it belongs, so the point here is to show how they fit the figures. And it looks good!

The holsters are one of the biggest hits here, and combined with proper scale weapons, the result is great.

Status: Unavailable

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