Friday, June 11, 2010

Dino Valley 3 Longrope Playset

So 2009... they were here. New Chap Mei stuff, new Dino Valley... Series III.

Starting with the logo... very JP3 movie brand image.

Fresh out of the box.

A very note-worthy detail. Those horrible wires were finally replaced. If this is a move to maintain, only time will tell. But this is so much better. Thank you, Chap Mei!

Weapons "case" also fits with a simple clamp motion.

The figure stand. We already had the opportunity to review a set where this was present. But it - SEEMS - Chap Mei made this their option to hold figures in these series. Goodbye dreadful wires! A common hope...

Well, a new concept for some nice boxes when they appear. Since most of you may be curious about DV3, this is a way to show you more of it.

Again another picture compilation from box closeups.

View of all included items.

"Sneaky Tweak" : The new Deinonychus painting. Very cool. Looks mean and bizarre. Very attractive.

Vehicle: "Longrope". Another re-use of former models, and accessories.

Note the dino-catcher loop concept was originally from the Dino Quest white humvee.  

Some other detail shots and scale proportions.

The figure: "Camou Jack". Another repaint of a known CM vet. One example of many, "Foul Play Nick" from the "Police VS Bad Guyz" line.

The weapons "case". Detachable weaponry.

Status: Unavailable


  1. te compro ese jugete llamame 83 11 49 28

  2. Fran, thank you for your comment. Please use the "contact" link (email us) or send a direct email to ask for details on this set.


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