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Dino Valley 3 Longrope Playset

Friday, June 11, 2010

So 2009... they were here. New Chap Mei stuff, new Dino Valley... Series III.

Starting with the logo... very JP3 movie brand image.

Fresh out of the box.

A very note-worthy detail. Those horrible wires were finally replaced. If this is a move to maintain, only time will tell. But this is so much better. Thank you, Chap Mei!

Weapons "case" also fits with a simple clamp motion.

The figure stand. We already had the opportunity to review a set where this was present. But it - SEEMS - Chap Mei made this their option to hold figures in these series. Goodbye dreadful wires! A common hope...

Well, a new concept for some nice boxes when they appear. Since most of you may be curious about DV3, this is a way to show you more of it.

Again another picture compilation from box closeups.

View of all included items.

"Sneaky Tweak" : The new Deinonychus painting. Very cool. Looks mean and bizarre. Very attractive.

Vehicle: "Longrope". Another re-use of former models, and accessories.

Note the dino-catcher loop concept was originally from the Dino Quest white humvee.  

Some other detail shots and scale proportions.

The figure: "Camou Jack". Another repaint of a known CM vet. One example of many, "Foul Play Nick" from the "Police VS Bad Guyz" line.

The weapons "case". Detachable weaponry.

Status: Unavailable

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