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3787 Golden Nugget Saloon

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

 1994 set with a lot of accessories, solid construction and great western look! Curiously, there were some "Golden Nugget" hotel/casinos in the U.S. perhaps the inspiration came through there. Saloons basically were casinos and also places where you´d enter with money and exit in your underwear! 

 Nowadays, this may be a middle-sized or even small play set, but I found this one (and Sheriff´s Office) to be pretty big and heavy then. The detailing is amazing, and the building texture is wood-like. 

Great for playing and portraying your favorite western saloon adventures, when you stock all those accessories there, it seems more like a hotel reception area. And the Saloons kinda were that too. One thing´s missing there, though... the piano!

As stated above, the building is big, heavy and western-looking. Easy to assemble and by using common parts of other set(s), you can "upgrade" this with multiple levels/ floors. As vintage buildings could too. 

Multiple views of some referred to aspects. The figures were modern playmobil (molded skirts, for instance) with fun accessories putting them "on the edge" between a (maybe) needed retouch and the odd-looking (for playmobil) future molds. The accessories were amazing. All you can think of for a western saloon (no piano). The mirrored furniture is very, very nice. The hanging lanterns and advertising signs to put upfront the Saloon are great too.

One of mid-90s greatest Playmobil sets!

Status: Unavailable

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