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Godzilla Twin Firing Battle Blaster

Thursday, June 17, 2010

 1998 Trendmasters movie series playset/ vehicle, Godzilla Twin Firing Battle Blaster

 Included items.

Figure: "Godzilla Force O'Neil". Great sculpt for a ´98 figure. 1:18 scale.

Included accessories: 1 submachine gun and 1 pistol.

Pivoting Cannons, Claw-Swipe battle damage, removable ammo belts.

 Missile firing mechanism at work. Turret rotates 360º.

Similar to Hasbro´s RAH GIJoe Cobra A.S.P. this "pod" has all the twists and turns of a conventional military gunner station. Transportable, too.

 As far as "Joe-usability" goes, this 3 3/4" vehicle is pretty much there, however it lacks a few details and it could be a tad bigger. Other than that, great.

Status: Available through Amazon.com

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