Monday, June 28, 2010

Dino Valley 3 Suchomimus Small Dinosaur Playset

2009 "Suchomimus" with Quikgun Wallace playset.

Another great repaint of a Series 2 "Dino Valley" asset. Another fan´s favorite.

First look out of the box, and it looks like the 2009 series is based on black and red. Looking good, though.

All of the included items.

Accessories "tree" briefcase. Ingenious at many levels.

Figure: "Quikgun Wallace". New color scheme... For more details, refer to "Dino Valley 3 Blue Fly and Dimetrodon Playset".

Dinosaur: "Suchomimus". A spinosaurid, theropod like the T-Rex although molded here a lot smaller than its 40 ft adult size. This can always be a juvenile. And since CM already had a Spinosaurus (and a new T-Rex) there was no present need for more really big Dinos. Bottom line is... this guy looks awesome and menacing! Another plus for your collection if you´re into the pre-historic stuff!

Status: Unavailable

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  1. the paintjob on the Sucomimus looks very threatening. love how the accessory tree is shaped like a suitcase. Very creative.


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