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Ninja Attack 2-pack - Set # 3

Thursday, June 24, 2010

 The 3rd and final (i think) set of 2-packs from Chap Mei´s Ninja line.

 The previous 2-pack sets seemed to have a VS kind of thing going on. Each having 1 bad and 1 good side member included.  This one, however, has 2 guys from the same "Power Ranger" faction.

Included items. Funny how almost every brand tend to produce more good guys than "evil". And that´s probably why the "dark side" is generally more collectible.

Included accessories. Yet another different-looking shield. Nice looking katanas. Too bad the hilts are to large for most 3 3/4" figures to grasp.

This figure holds a very curious and absolutely brilliant accessory. The cape. The -for sword- molded holes allow virtually any figure to pack blades. Nice!

Figure: "Black Power Ranger Ninja #3". Leader-looking, this figure has the above feature (cape) as a plus, but the actual molding and even painting is very good.

Figure: "Green Power Ranger Ninja #4". The last (known) ninja (too bad there´s no yellow) from this line. With a nice molded holster on the right leg, and an overall great look (some of you may compare it with Hasbro´s RAH G.I.Joe Storm Shadow - I know I did). As a side note, 1 of the 2 figures in every 2-packs so far has that harness/belt that is completely different from the usual CM-style belts with the 2 holes for the usual 2 pegs on the figures backs. Nicely done!

For the great and worst (maybe just unfortunate) parts: Great: the overall look of any of these Ninja figures. The rotating wrists are a huge + and make the poses so much easier and fearsome. The unfortunate: the non removable weapons from sculpted holsters. That is a shame. Generally speaking, this Ninja figures have to be the closest CM ever got of being collectible. 

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