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Star Force Action Squad Set - Space Capsule

Sunday, February 21, 2010

2004 Lanard set, this "Star Force" line had some "recycled" items put into it, but some cool new figures, with a decent paint job and a very cool playset, the "Space Capsule".

Evolving with eyes put on Hasbro´s 95mm G.I.Joe line, these guys managed to keep up and present some very commercial items, and managing to keep that 80s style.

Nice box design in a 3D style. Cool colors, running away from the realistic photos.

Included items.

Included accessories.

Radar and generator details.

Refer to "The Corps! Conflict Response Mission II" for a "planetary" combat version.

Detail shots of the buggy´s accessories.

"Space Capsule". Probably more outpost-looking. And a lot more interesting than one can imagine at first sight.

Back of the Space Capsule opens to hold 2 figures inside. A side note to refer there are 2 foot pins to keep figures standing tall.

Included "Space Force" figures. With removable helmets, these guys have some design evolution from their predecessors although some collectors prefer the 90´s versions.

Including "glow in the dark" paint, these figures have a lot of detail and an 80s feel to it.

Another trooper and different details all around. Very cool.

Action shots.

Status: Unavailable

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