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Police vs Bad Guyz Attack Machine Playset - Power Suit

Monday, February 1, 2010

For lack of a better name, and considering there´s no reference to any nomenclature regarding this vehicle, we´ll call this one - as we did in previous posts - "Power Suit". Also present, a great figure.

A set comprising 2 of the most interesting Chap Mei concepts up until then. Both figure and vehicle.

Chap Mei´s "arms dealer" at "weapons-Con".

Included items.

Included accessories. Figure accessories not pictured.

"Power Suit". For a Light and Sound version, refer to "Freedom Force Airborne Mission Playset".

"Tiltrotor" machine, this "seated" position can be maintained with the help of a small pegleg-looking support.

Handles and weapons are independent providing some cool poses for the figures handling it. Also, some waist-level side pins are visible and apparentely possibly used for a belt.

Figure:"Stinger Lloyd". For more pictures and details on this figure, refer to "Bad Guyz Figure Playset - Stinger Lloyd".

Not mentioned in that first review, this leg detail only came to my attention when I noticed the "different" angle of its legs (when compared to that previous post). That´s what happens when you have 100´s of Chap Mei stuff to review. Won´t happen again!

Foot hole for "Motor Board" use and maybe other applications, it´s also present in figures like "Swiftblade Bill", in "SWAT Police Crime Kombat Playset" and "Snaky Drake" in "Police vs Bad Guyz Figure Playset - Motor board".

Status: Unavailable

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1 comments: to “ Police vs Bad Guyz Attack Machine Playset - Power Suit

  • Luís Galileu G. Tonelli
    February 2, 2010 at 12:27 AM  

    The Stinger figure caught my attention at the first time I saw it. I invisioned him like one of those guys in the movie robbing a bank with an AK and being killed by the SWAT =D. He is probably a Firefly of Chap Mei. Cool RPG, bandolier and vest. I did used the vest on a custom too.

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