Friday, February 19, 2010

True Heroes Black Hawk Helicopter

2009 purchase during our last journey to France. At visitor´s request, today revisited in a more detailed fashion. True Heroes Black Hawk Helicopter - Toys R Us Exclusive

Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk using the S-70 design. Spotlight earned especially after the release of the 2001 Black Hawk Down movie.

Included items. Figures and weapons are ok, I´ve seen a lot worse, but will be reviewed later and in detail.

The aircraft itself is marvelous. I have had the privilege of standing next to one of these some years ago during a NATO Tiger Meet and I must say this thing looks as awesome as the real thing.

Doors and windows slide revealing enough space for your troops, but far away from the real UH-60 capacity (14).

Cockpit view. Nice opening door and gadgets detail. The landing gear is pretty strong, so it can handle rough landings!

Rotors detail. Big blades and heavy too!

The engines slide sideways to reveal a battery compartment which has no purpose in this one. Maybe someone out there knows what they wanted to do with this. Let´s keep in mind this is a Toys R Us release of a parallel brand, just like the "True Heroes F22 Raptor ".

Scale shots with a RAH G.I.Joe figure. 100% compatible and 100% addictive! Another must for any "Joe" fan.

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  1. Fantastic aircraft! Any chance of posting more detailed pictures or an updated review like those of Chap Mei? I really love this helicopter and I´m actually developing a "Blackhawk Down" diorama, so... kinda need to know how close to the real deal is this one.


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