Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ninja Curse - Lizard Eyes

While gathering items for the next review, and in parallel having present some reader´s ideas and Chap Mei fans comments, we felt somewhat necessary to review this figure loose. So without further delay, here we go...

Included items.

Accessories and "common" parts of both human and werewolf figures. And how they look assembled.

As you can observe, the "ball joints" allow awesome positions and poses. Completely balanced and highly stable.

Detail shots. Awesome sculpting. These guys DO know what they´re doing. I can´t wait to see this type of detail and articulation on a 3 3/4" Chap Mei figure.

Heads details. If you thought that wolf present in themes like "Police", "Arctic", and so on was good for a lycanthrope custom, this werewolf head must blow you away. Did me.

An interesting Chap Mei creation, this "Ninja Curse" line. The sculpting is as good as always, and the articulation, far better. Since they publicize the "12 points of articulation", I figure they do know what is good for a figure. Too bad the "Force" lines don´t have the same luck.

This figure is approximately 5.2" high and its weapons/accessories could be mistaken for so many included in sets we have seen here before.

Lighting (no sound) weapon and removable limbs to build both the "humanoid" and "werewolf" figures. Pretty cool concept.

Scale shot with a 1:18 scale figure.

... And many of this "werewolf" parts can be used in custom figures.

Status: Unavailable


  1. Luís "ToneGuns" Galileu TonelliJanuary 27, 2010 at 3:48 PM

    Never heard of them, but they do look cool.

  2. I have all the ninjas. Lizard Eyes, Iron Hat and the Shuriken ninja. They're awesome. I discovered also versions of them that come without the beast parts and with diferent colors.

  3. Yes, where we got this one, they had the other 2. They are awesome. If you want to send pictures, we´ll post them here :)

  4. ^Please post pictures of the other two figures. I have been trying to find pictures and info on these toys for quite some time. Thanks.

    Also, where can you buy all 3? I'm in the United States, where Chap Mei toys are nowadays hard to come by.

  5. Will do soon :) Thank you for your comment. Well, that is a rare line within a rare set of toys in the universe :) I´ll see what I can do. If you wish, send me your contact (top right corner of the blogsite - contact us) and I´ll keep you posted.

  6. We've got a thread over at littlerubberguys forums where we are trying to figure out the 3rd toy.

  7. Hi, it's me again. If you are interested, we've found pictures of the other figures from this Ninja Curse series. They are located in the thread from the LittleRubberGuys forum that is listed above in my previous post^.


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