Friday, February 5, 2010

Wild Quest 2 Seaplane Rescue Playset

The original "floatplane" set. A very nicely done painting job on this one. The scheme is pretty original and contextualized.

The "official" start of CM wanderings around animal worlds, culminating later in actual "stand-alone" animal sets.

Not bad at all in terms of quantity and quality, you actually get plenty of stuff to handle.

Included items.

Included accessories.

Animal: "Grizzly Bear". Also included with Lontic Wild Park Grizzly Rescue Playset

Figures. For a detailed "Camou Jack" review (although in different colors), refer to "Dino Valley 3 Longrope Playset".

Figure: "Black Hawk".

Floatplane. The actual "original" version.

When reviewing the "Adventure Heroes Treasure Hunt Playset" we mentioned the pontoons as having "some pins for some applications such as ladder/rope emplacement." Well, here´s one of the initial CM ideas.

Detail shots.

As seen in various other sets, we just point out the tools connection method to the tent.

Status: Unavailable

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  1. Luís Galileu G. TonelliFebruary 6, 2010 at 3:39 AM

    My Comandos em Ação Urzor figure would like to have that big bear as companior.


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