Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bad Guyz Attack Machine Playset Motor Whike

"Whiking" is a concept combining two sports; bicycling and sailing. However, this vehicle is motor-equipped. So that the (Bad) guy won´t run out of propulsion.

I basically try to get one of each vehicle Chap Mei puts out there. And they have to be Joe-usable in some way. This was one of those cases.

Either for its whole or simply to use as parts fodder, this is a good and capable item.

The whole set assembled.

Interesting concept. Kind of a G.I.Joe "M.A.N.T.A." meets Dreadnok Cycle.

Some details of interest. Note: The missiles are very hard to take off. They seem to be made to stay there for show. A minus. The plus note goes to the engine. An 8 cylinder. With that thing there, the sail seems to be there simply to hold the missile launcher, grenades and "Bad Guyz" logo.

The figure: "Foul Play Nick". A repaint of previous "Quest" lines. The weapon, however, was a (then) new SAW machine gun. Too bad it was 100% too big.

A nice paint job, especially the tattoos and the "Adam and the Ants" face make-up.

The figure fits perfectly in the vehicle. The throttle and joystick handles are firmly gripped and the guy looks made for the job.

Scale shot.

In this case, with a G.I.Joe figure, you´ll need some customization to fit it perfectly. But the main thing is already there: The balance between vehicle and figure scales.

Status: Unavailable


  1. Luís "ToneGuns" GalileuOctober 11, 2009 at 12:17 AM

    I like part of the concept of the vehcile, however I would have to take out the sail thing. For the more purists it would become a great Dreadnok vehicle, for me would increase the Bad Guyz motor pool.
    The figure, well he has some great details and can be a nice addition for the gang.

  2. Awesome review! This makes for an excellent post apocalyptic vehicle!

  3. Yeah, this was a positive surprise once taken out of the package. A lot of details and it serves as a whole or broken down into parts. Both of you are very right!
    And keep the comments coming...!


  4. Hi. I'm so happy that i was redirected to this site... I'm looking for an old toyline of figures that were the classical 1:18 scale, they had the same articulation as the g.i. joes. Interesing enough some (or maybe all) of the toys had vehicles with them. And one of them had a similar to this motor-surf vehicle (without the sailing stuff) but in stead had an axe at the front that would immitate a chopping motion whenver you moved it forward. The toyline included several toys. One of them was some sort of a mutant action figure with a "round" eyepatch, who had numerous tiny wholes on it (imagine like a bug's eye). The next action figure was a muscular black guy with curly afro hair and a robotic arm (i think he had his regular arm and an exoskeletal arm on top of it). The third toy was a greyish Guyver-like action figure (it had some sort of a gask mask or w/e) that was mounted on a blue? triceratops. I'm not sure if it was a triceratops or a cyber-rhino, but it was some sort of a beast. The thing also had handles on it so that the Guyver robot could grab it. Lastly, like i mentioned, these figures were 1:18th scale but there were some other toys from the same toyline that were smaller in size. Those were some yellow robots with triangular heads. Please help me out or tell me where to ask. Thanks.

    I'll definately check out this site more thouroughly, because i'm a geek :P.

  5. Hey there!

    Nowadays we´re evolved geeks! :) Let me get some info together for you, and if you try sending an email (top right corner) it´ll be easier to follow up info. Thank you so much for your visit and kind words!

  6. Btw i also had these "Police Force" toys in my country :P. Then there came the military force? and then came the space force :D? series. Cool stuff, cool stuff :P. Were they made in China?

  7. HK, yes. What country are you from?


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