Saturday, July 24, 2010

Jungle Adventure Jungle Trekker Playset - UPDATED!

Although the vehicle has 2008 date markings, it only hit European shelves in 2009 with the "Jungle Adventure" new Chap Mei theme. A somewhat mysterious, yet predictable missing part of Wild Quest/Adventure Heroes link. European price in dollars: US$30

When you first look at it, you can´t help but wanting this truck. Suchlike the Indiana Jones Cargo Truck. At, seller "constructive playthings" has an available lot containing some parts of this set and numerous other. It may be worth the look, and it seems a very good bargain: Jungle Adventure

The map can be taken out the perforated cardboard insert (just like the SF VI Peace Force boxes detail). I believe this was a smart move since dioramas are such a constantly present thing nowadays and Chap Mei intelligently takes advantage of it.

Contents view. And you still want that truck bad! However, one starts to think it may be a little big.

Weapons/accessories plastic tree. A small remark on the plastic quality in these. It has gone down. However, we seldom get to use them (apart from the backpacks), so it´s not really a problem. And to play with - which is supposed to be the main goal of toy brands - it´s probably better, since it is a softer material.

The cage. Previously used in Wild/Dino Quest sets. Medium size, and customizable for diorama use and other applications.

The figure and animals. A cheetah and a monkey. Whilst the monkey has a decent size, the cheetah looks like a transformer ready to turn into something.

The monkey, what seems to be a Squirrel Monkey, I believe.

The cheetah. Very nice looking, it even has that cool wild feline sound when you press the button... however...

... Oops. It´s overgrown. And not just a bit. Even for 5" figures it seems gigantic.

The figure. "Skinny Bones McButt". Also another re-use of previous Wild/Dino Chap Mei sets.

Finally, the truck, the "Jungle Trekker". Apparently based on the Corbitt Model 50SD6 cargo truck, but missing a pair of wheels.

Detailed enough, not extensively, ready for hard play and with a nice surprise/twist. Not only you can take off its soft (hard plastic, actually) cover and look at its personnel carrying benches...

The cover turns into a camp tent. And this may very well be the most accurate and usable (in terms of 1:18 scale) part of the whole set. And I don´t write this with a smile. I had high expectations for this truck.

Top shots: The benches are just the right size, as you can testify while looking at how the figure´s knees bend 90ยบ and feet touch the truck´s floor. Just perfect...
Bottom shots: While there´s hope when you compare the figure outside the truck (some military vehicles are really, really big), when you look at how the figure sits, you just think "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" and "Short Round" driving the car.

A shame. This truck really looks good.

Status: 1 MISB available for trade


  1. Thanks for the review, I was gonna pick up several pieces but the size just turned me off.

  2. You ́re perfectly welcome, one of the main reasons of these reviews is to give people an idea on what they´ll get. Chap Mei usually hits the spot, but this was clearly not the case! Keep the comments coming, we´ll keep the reviews showing!


  3. The size looks good on the outside. What about inside cabin? Can the driver's seat be made to sit higher up - and how much modification is needed? It does look good shame about the driver position.

  4. You´ll probably need to redesign the interior. Either that or lift the driver´s seat about half an inch


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