Thursday, July 1, 2010

Terminator Salvation Marcus 6" Action Figure

 A decent looking 6" figure, Terminator - 6''Marcus has a sculpt quality similar to those of modern 3 3/4".

Having those extra inches, should allow Playmates to do a little more with these guys. But let´s face it, present sought-after Terminator figures?... T-series, for sure... but whatever comes close to T800 will do just fine. In their menacing skeleton form!

Included items: Figure and sub-machine gun.

Figure: "Marcus". Portrayed by Sam Worthington, just befor he "became" Jake Sully  in Avatar.

With a removable... vest... this figure has the common and basic amount of articulation points (these days) and doesn´t look very impressive. Considering Marvel Legends, for one. That crotch these days? No... not for a human. May work wonders in a "metalic" Terminator, but please.

Top left, the included MP5. And how can a Terminator do its job with that one? Now I betrayed my kind and armed it with Chap Mei stuff... now that´s more like it!

Status: Available through

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