Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Police Force Patrol Vehicle Playset - Chaser

Initially included with the "Attack & Escape Playset", this reissue was another welcomed mini-vehicle addition. And actually, it went this way to finally own that pilot figure.

Another motor-pool-builder set... you can never have too many choppers over gang-controlled streets...

Straight out of the box, it has the very minimum acceptable items. Vehicle, figure and a couple of accessories.

Included items: Strangely, no weapons. I guess what that pilot needs is a spotlight. Especially if he´s equipped with IR/ NVS goggles. Whatever...

Included accessories. The spotlight is, in fact, more useful than most weapons CM includes on these small playsets. And yet another fishnet.

The figure: Unnamed pilot figure. Initially painted yellow/red, named "John Falcon" and included with a Fire Squad Rescue Team small helicopter set (the F.A.N.G. knock-off), and ridiculously expensive in comparison to all others, I was on to this for years. Especially since when I reluctantly (given the price) decided to buy it, it was gone. Who would do that when having cheaper and cooler sets around was (and still is) for me, a mystery. Now, with SF series VI and the new SWAT Police line... it was reissued... again. Well... at least I have it for 3 years. It´s not much of a figure, but given my sad story... it is what it is. Nice head sculpt, though.

Similar (only differs in the color, actually) to the Soldier Force version, the paint job is basically for you Police Force fans.

The hook mechanism. Pull, and then rotate the tail rotor to bring the rope back in.

Some more details and scale shots. I particularly like the angle between the fuselage and door when it´s open. The space in there almost fits 2 RAH figures. Almost. The nose gun is interesting. The tip resembles the Apache´s "Tommy gun".

Status: Unavailable


  1. Luís "ToneGuns" GalileuOctober 13, 2009 at 2:25 AM

    I can't say that the NVG make sense for a pilot over a city, it's strange. But with a little love it's easy to do some customize to turn this baby in a brother of the MH-6 Little Bird.

  2. This helicopter looks like something taken out of Policy Academy cartoons but with detail. However, the military version is credible enough. I´d take them both, of course :P


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