Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Transformers Pretender Classics - Jazz

 From 1989,  Optimus Prime´s right-hand... robot: Jazz!

Jazz is one of the coolest robot characters ever. Stylish (and styled after a Porsche 911 turbo), rock n´roll lover autobot now inside a Pretender shell.

Box in very good condition, from Western Europe.

Contents view. Stickers never applied, instructions and catalog present.

Small parts still sealed.

What I did find strange (and this box was sealed) was that Jazz itself had strange yellowing on some edges. Strange for a MISB item. As you can see from the image, the screw and most of it is mint.

Good thing I always open these vintage (rare or not) boxes to check its contents. Back in the day when I had over 30 MISB G1 transformers, some lost their sticker sheets or whatever small parts they could lose when stocked for a long time. That was a school. Never again. I rather open it once and know that it´s complete than trading an incomplete MISB. Well, that and the fact it´s very cool to open these!

Marking read: 1989 Hasbro, Inc. Takara 1989 Macau

Notice the slightly yellowed edges... very odd indeed!

Maybe against a perfect white background. Can you see it? And it looks a bit scratched. But all metal parts are minty mint. And this was sealed! Nevertheless, a collector´s item!

Status: Available



  1. Now this is just cool and one i have not seen before.

  2. I still have the Pretender: Cloudburst from my childhood, nearly complete too! - The exception being the "whip" and stickers that fell off over the years. The "whip" broke because it was completely molded of a harder plastic that wasn't bendable.


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