Thursday, November 10, 2011

Soldier Force VII - Destroyer EFSF 73 Tank - Updated!

Chap Mei´s new Soldier Force line for 2011 - series 7- started off with a big tank addition, the Destroyer EFSF 73.

It´s safe to say CM took their time, but came up with some great new features (more articulated figures), and new amazing vehicles.

MIB, with great new graphics!

Included accessories, and yes, that´s a figures stand!

Based on the Abrams, the missing Tank in Soldier Force line. Huge baby, as big but not as detailed as their best effort yet, the "Merkava" Deluxe Battle Tank.

Nice sculpting and painting, some cool details, opening hatch (only 1) and smooth 360º turret. Strangely enough, this set was missing the turret´s machine gun (top right picture).

More scaled ATV with pivoting front guns.

The new barricade. Articulated 3-piece set.

Figure: "Colonel Green Hornet". 11 points of articulation. Rotating hands, bendable knees and elbows. About time!

Figure: "Pilot Cyclone". Also fully articulated.

Figure: "Lt. Coldeye". Sadly, the older sort of CM figure. The sculpting is great, deserves a remake. Who knows...

As predicted a long time ago, Chap Mei gets in the collectable figures business. Their new sets now come with a cool battle stand and figures look fabulous in these. 1 per set.

Video: SFX

Status: Unavailable

Look for available original Chap Mei figures, vehicles and accessories at CM Surplus Fan Markt


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