Saturday, November 5, 2011

Animal Rescue Hovercraft

Around since 2010, these "Chap Mei" items gather a lot of animal reissues. However, some novelties too. One of the most interesting is the one man hovercraft.

Great color scheme and smooth lines!

MIB, 2010.

Including a nice blue aquarium tank where baby crocodiles can be saved!

Included accessories: Tank and sticker sheet with printed bandages.

Included animals. Hippopotamus (reissue) and tree with baby crocs.

These little guys are awesome!

Figure: "Chip White". Around since Dino Valley series 2.

An interesting craft, with working fan but static steering vanes. A must for Joe fans if they need another vehicle for ´noks swamp base.

Opening compartment with a lot of room. Very nice.

On a down note, the simplistic cockpit. Could be worse.

Status: Unavailable


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