Saturday, November 12, 2011

Animal Rescue Veterinary Hospital

After the last Jungle Adventure and Animal Planet assortments, comes Animal Rescue and some more reissues and surprises. The "field" Vet Hospital is a big and interesting set with tons of animals and fun.

With immense potential showing for 3 3/4" lines, this new Chap Mei-based collection has shown its face all across Europe for 2011 Xmas!

MIB, 2011.

Nice and thight, ready to be assembled.

Included accessories range from fruits to vet tools.

This basket is one of the coolest accessories ever!

Included animals. Other from the giraffe (stamped Chap Mei china), all animals are stamped "China" just like most CM accessories. 

Included figures. For more on "Bob Ranger" click here.

Figure: Dr. Harry Gage. Around since Dino Valley, .

Figure: "Female Vet". Around since the Animal Planet sets (early 2011).

The Hospital. 3 piece set: Building, bridge and lookout tree.

Bridge connection clamp system.

Simplicity and rough play-ready... this building packs a lot of goodies.

Some of them include opening doors, cage for dangerous animals (or humans), stable and remember that carrot basket? You can hang it on the balcony!

SFX: Animal sounds.

More nice details and mechanics.

Surrounded in mistery, the building includes connection points to other upcoming(?) sets. Also, if you have an extra gas lamp from Dino Valley, you can hang it too.

The lookout tower tree is also nice. There´s always a need for such places when wild life´s around...

Snap to bridge, bridge to building and it´s done.

Set includes a wonderful 2010 reissued jeep with mounted camera.

And another place to snap the fruit basket. And now leaving you with some action shots:


Status: Check for vehicles animals and accessories at CM Surplus Fan Markt

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  1. This product is an ideal gift for a child not just because of its great colors and designs but also it helps to open the consciousness of a child in taking good care of animals.


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