Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Corps! Special Forces WASPS pilot

 A return to Lanard´s The Corps! brilliant 2005 toy line, with the closed helmet variant of Special Forces WASPS pilot!

With a cool weapon and very nice color scheme, this pilot will fly solo or with any WASPS partner.

MOC, 2005.

Unfortunately not removable, this pilot´s helmet not only looks good but realistic (for an action figure). The whole color scheme is indeed appropriate, especially if you think modern fighters.

Included accessory: SOPMOD M4

Since their creation, Lanard´s 1:18 action figures were the low-cost best match for Hasbro´s G.I.Joe. Back in 2005 things were no different when the new Joes were redone in 2002. 

Hasbro´s G.I.Joe Duke 2002/2003

Lanard´s weapons evolved a great deal since the 80s and 90s. These are fantastic!

A great companion for Chap Mei´s Soldier Force Devil Hunter.

 Status: Unavailable



  1. I really do love The CORPS figures.Lanard does a good job of creating original figures full of personality in a genre that pretty much belongs to G.I. Joe.

  2. I think the Corps! figures have a charm all there own.

  3. joypacman, you´re absolutely right. Although Lanard got all their construction inspiration from Joes, up to a certain point many things are original and fun.


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