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The Corps! Special Forces Bucks operative

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Another fine example of Lanard´s 2005 Special Forces Teams.

Taller than most 1:18 counterparts, this Bucks figure came with a cool sculpting and another great weapon!

MOC, 2005.

Sharing the same body construction of another Bucks specialist, this figure was presented with a hood over its head.

Included accessory: Z-M LR300

One of the finest THE CORPS! heads ever created!

Inside a CM SFVII Pirana. A great vehicle to deal with hot zones!

As years go by, some of these companies seem to develop their own style and keep on rockin´. Side by side, Lanard´s Special Forces figure and Chap Mei´s finest so far.

Status: Unavailable


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