Tuesday, November 15, 2011

MISB Transformers G1 Optimus Prime - CONVOY - Box AND toy variation

In the same spirit of last Transformers post, comes the other side of the valuable coin, the thoughtful and resourceful leader of the Autobots - Optimus Prime! Thanks to a good japanese friend, the character sticker on the flap finally has a meaning - Convoy... what else could it be !?

 In a good shape box, toy (is he?) is mint and complete. If you´re a collector, do you see any curious details?

Or lack thereof. Over the Transformers S one can usually see ® (registered) or ™ (trademark). However, none is here present. Any thoughts? Also, the cool sticker which means CONVOY. I actually thought it was Japanese (I really need some language lessons) turns out to be Tawainese/Chinese/Hong Kong characters. Thank you, HK!

G1 Optimus Prime, and boxed... that´s for sure!

Present number is the same as most releases.

Not badly damaged, a very decent box.

Missiles were taken off from plastic tree, but all appears mint. Styrofoam is also different from american/japanese known releases: Instead of solid back, its dented.

Included parts view.

Stickers, instructions still sealed.

And just for show... rolling out!

Impeccable condition!

Smooth, clean and rust-free!

Optimus Tractor Trailer has one sticker (driver´s side) with a milimetric peel. Paint is perfect, red and bright, chromes and plastic parts all tight and never changed (to robot mode).

Function: Commander!

... and probably the most notable flaw.

T2 Trailer with no markings (no Takara, no Hasbro and NOT a knockoff, bootleg or a fake. The real "block out" Optimus), pictured detail. Markings seem to be ready to stamp or... factory erased. This is an absolutely original 1984 toy

This is NOT a KO version. 100% original. Crossing the info about the meaning of the sticker "Convoy" and the absence of TM or R from the flap, this version may eventually predate the first 84 Takara/Hasbro releases in Europe.  

Status: On eBay

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  1. hi can you show photos of the stamping underneath the trailer. thanks


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