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Assault Motorcycle

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Yet another curious contraption for custom purposes... or diorama scenes from Chinese toy brand(?) Assault.

Too small for the modern (more realistic) 1:18 figures, fits the old gen of hasbro´s ARAH gijoe-like figures. A different kind of entry when compared to the last post, but its simplicity goes hand-in-hand with all the feel of the 80´s and early 90´s lines. Also, the fact it costs under US$2 also helps.

MIB, 2011. Box reads: "Handsome appearance. Various styles. To have both the quality of tenacity. To be highly praised and appreciated by the consuming public". I guess we´re about to see that...

A friction toy, the problems start with the thin tires. If the front wheel could pass, the rear wheel of a chopper is known to be car-like. Well, then you have those 2 wheels from the friction motor.

On a high note, the tank and handlebar set are very good. A bit fragile, but for what I have in mind, personally, seems fitting.

The seats look good, and as one could see, easily fits 2 vintage joes. So that makes up for a lot of eventual flaws.

Looking for a foot rest? So was I. No such luck. However, it has sculpted rear brake and shift pedals.

It can be unsassembled quite nicely, so I thought this would look great inside a Dreadnok´s shop. A stripped chopper is always a ´Noks compound common sight!

Status: Available for trade


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