Saturday, November 26, 2011

SOS COMMANDOS - Terror Cópter

 Another wonderful item from this (not so) obscure line, SOS COMMANDOS from Gulliver.

For more on this line, history and background, check out the previous SOS COMMANDOS posts.

Packed with the infamous Gladios, this terrorcopter... make that TERROR CÓPTER (portuguese for terror helo... or copter if you will).

MOC, 198? no date stamp but if not around the late 80s, surely the early 90s.

The "Cópter" backpack is one of my favourite small vehicles/accessories ever. There were two, one for each faction. Wonderful set of pieces of plastic!

The mechanism was a little fragile and at times, very complex for its purpose. And then again, it was the height of Hasbro´s G.I.Joe power. Things had to be quality-driven.

The colors, the detail, the design, all very 80s... and I´m loving every single inch!

Included accessories for the figure. And as always, a 4-sticker sheet.

Included (random) figure: Gladios. As seen in SOS COMMANDOS - Bad Fire.

Way before Destro´s Annihilators and around the motorized action packs time, this great piece of machinery flies the skies!

Status: Ask for available SOS COMMANDOS figures and vehicles.



  1. hello I have a large collection of sos commandos, including helicopters, motorcycles, tanks,camping and other vehicles and acessories.I am a big fan of this series and I really enjoyed the posts.The gulliver toys (brinquedos gulliver)also fabricated a series of rambo that is very similar to sos commandos.

  2. Wow, tanks? I didn´t know there were tanks too! I would love to see those!!!

  3. these tanks are in the mold of The Corps! Assault Vehicle - Tank that has already been posted here.also has some other unique manufacturing toys gulliver. some of the vehicles sos commands are exactly equal to the vehicles of the corps and some others are original.This site is the source of sos commands that emerged through series of action figures arnold schwarzenegger commando.The site is in Portuguese-Brazil this series was very popular here in Brazil in the decade 80-90.

    sorry for my bad english

  4. I sent a friend request to you on facebook it can show you pictures of what I have sos commandos.



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