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Vikings Darkwater Sharkie Playset

Thursday, September 2, 2010

A unique villain vessel  from the 2007 Chap Mei theme, Vikings: Legend of the Norse Warrior.

The infamous "North Sea Plunderer".

Included items.

 Included accessories.

 A curious accessory. This "stick" is made out of a trident and a knife-edge weapon. The result is a magnificent spear. A little too big for 3 3/4" figures, but we have all seen much. much worse.

"Phantom Hammer": Hammerhead shark with saddle for a heroic viking.

Included figures with removable belt accessories.

Figure: "Wolf Ingmar".

Figure: "Monster Gunnar". Nice cape and great looking "devilish" head.

Vessel: "North Sea Plunderer".

Jaw opens and closes by moving the boat forward or backward. The head has a skin-like texture. Very cool.

Detail shots. Pirate looking, based on previous Pirates designs.

An original detail: Figure stands by the wheel plugged to the floor. Yup, occasionally Chap Mei includes foot pegs.

Status: Unavailable

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