Saturday, September 11, 2010

Deep Sea Adventure Extreme Predator Playset

Since Steve Alten´s MEG novel, I was hoping for a set just like this. Better yet, one that would introduce a deep sea vehicle. And here it was.

With brilliant and catchy graphics, this is a promising toy set. One of their finest playsets of 2007 with a couple of deep sea "monsters" to put in between the eels and joe divers.

Included items. Are we having fun yet? 

The only included accessory for this set, the big net.

Included animals: Viperfish, giant Crab and giant Octopus.

 Action shots. The head can be filled with liquid and when pressed, comes out under pressure. The tentacles rotate to grab its prey.

Figure: Deep sea diver "Copperhead". Very well sculpted. Too bad about CM articulation limitations. But, there´s always ways to go around that...

When equipped, turns out to be very cool.

Vehicle: "UW Explorer". A deepsea sub, it´s filled with small entertaining details. A must-have for sure.

Action shots. I´m quite certain many of you 3 3/4" figures enthusiasts are thinking of tons of situations where to use this baby...

Bottom and top views. With a small touch, this vehicle may be on its way to Chap Mei´s Hall of Fame.

Scale shots with G.I.Joe´s RAH and ROC figures. Again, like the SWAT police crime fighter helicopter, the cockpit is completely empty. Great and clean to customize. Fits 2 figures if you put them back to back.

Status: Unavailable

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