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Sonic Action Hummer

Saturday, September 4, 2010

The "Majorette´s Hummer" for comparison with the Robocop Hummer version.

Contents view... and box cut of the original package. Besides the pictured vehicle, there was also the Tank, an M1A1-inspired one .

Included accessories. Not pictured, the pair of binoculars.

The figure. One of the worst figures done by a big company. And for those who know "SOS COMMANDOS" ... the head will seem familiar.

The helmet is interesting. Looks like a combat pilot helmet with cammo paint scheme.

"Alright, our business is toy vehicles... now find a figure. Anything. At all".

Now the Humvee. Yes, a nice one. Those lights... yep, right on!

4 views of this cool looking H1. As you can observe comparing to Robocop´s, it is the exact same platform. Variation come by the form of the L&S system.

Detail shots. Engine detail is very basic, but a little love will correct that.

And the cannon. Spring-loaded, vibrates when activated by that orange switch as the lights flash. Very cool.

Status: Unavailable.

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