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G.I.Joe Portugal Blog Site

Sunday, September 5, 2010

A reference to an effort by a co-founder of JomiToys:

The creation of a portuguese language-based fan site. It does include a top left icon which allows english-speaking readers to understand what is said.

There are tons of Joe sites, but this has a lot of original perks coming. The simple fact it chronologically explains the evolution of G.I.Joe in that European country, the influences, the UK exclusives, and a lot of fun stories about great times.  Be sure to add it to you favorites, follow, whatever you think is best, but trust me, if you´re a Joe fan, you will not want to miss things you´ll see and learn there. Over 20 years of collecting, 1000s of figures and vehicles will make your day time and again.

So go ahead and check it out:


Yo Joe!

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