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S.T.A.R. Force 1998 Mobile Ground Support

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Suspiciously similar to Hasbro´s G.I.Joe Amphibious Personnel Carrier, stands tall considering its "all-new" rooftop with 2 opening doors to reveal an 8 fully armed trooper compartment.

Impressive size and brutally smooth, this APC is a must when you take your space fighters into battle!

Included accessories.

Figures: S.T.A.R. Force astronaut team members "3" and "8".

The Mobile Ground Support. A repaint of the original The Corps! APC, also including different rooftop accessories.

Cabin hatches/ door. Again similar to Hasbro´s 1983 APC, with cool extra armored doors for drivers.

Personnel area opening hatches/ doors.

Detail shots. The radar dish is very cool!

Action shots with figures in different possible stations.

Status: Unavailable


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