Saturday, February 12, 2011

Trunks and Vehicle Capsule 82

"Relive your favorite Dragon Ball Z moments with this Vehicle"

Well, I have this to say: It runs underwater, makes a cool noise and fits G.I.Joe figures!

The color itself is something between pearl and plain white.

Included figure: 3 3/4" scale Trunks.

The capsule water intakes are located in the front, top and bottom of the vehicle. The black hole behind the rudder is where the water comes flowing out. Cool sub. Very cool.

See the color ? Beautiful. Opened cockpit. Once closed, its air-locked. Needs 2 (C) batteries. Once the light is on, it´s ready to run.

"The son of Bulma and Vegeta, Trunks is around 18 when he first appears in Dragon Ball Z to stop Frieza from destroying Earth. He is from the future and has witnessed a threat to Earth which cannot be stopped in that time. He has come back in time to try to save the Earth of his time, only to find our heroes on Earth facing their own peril".

G.I.Joe Secto-Viper figure. Perfect fit.

Status: Unavailable

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