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1995 POTF 2 Millenium Falcon

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

POTF 2 version of the vintage mold. Basic changes revolve around electronic enhancements and painting details. A very nice piece already 15 years old. Seems like yesterday...

A now sought-after item, since a new model of this "vintage" Falcon is virtually impossible to achieve since the original mold is unusable. Hence the construction of the new saga version.

A classic ship and symbol of the Star Wars original trilogy!

Re-used for the POTF2 figure line, although limited in size (still huge), since most new figures are larger. Still a great item to have, and a collector´s must.

 Extendable landing gear, removable panel for smuggling, gaming table, it has most of the movie´s features.

Around 30% smaller than the new saga version, this is still a big baby. And with lots of SFX powered by 2 LR14 batteries. The biggest problem you´ll find in this one will precisely be opening the battery compartment. It´s impossible not to damage the cover. It´s made of a softer plastic that will be scratched no matter what you do.

MIB. Opened for assembly and photo shoot.

Trade value: €130

Status: Available 

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