Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Small Soldiers Power Drill Cycle - Spanish Edition

Pequeños Guerreros Moto - Taladro. From 1998 distributed in Spain by MB España, S.A., this vehicle brings good memories of Dreamworks Universal City Studios movie, Small SoldiersHasbro original.

A nice box variation with serious collectible potential. 

Included parts view.

Built from power tools and numerous other stray components, the Power Drill Cycle beefs-up the Gorgonite defenses against their ultra-aggressive enemy, the Commando Elite.

 Figure: Scratch-It

Ingenious vehicle! Especially if you have seen the movie.

 With Archer leading the way and Scratch-It riding shotgun in the sidecar, the Power Drill Cycle makes an imposing addition to the Gorgonite's freedom-fighting arsenal!

Drilling Battle Assault feature.

Status: Available: Trade value - 25€


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