Sunday, February 20, 2011

Disney Heroes Jeep with Tarzan figure

Considering most 3 3/4" fans always look around for usable items in any "similar scale" line, this one should be considered.

Had my eye on this one for some time now. When price got lower, it was time to add another item to the "Joe army".

To my understanding, this was one of (at least) two releases of this jeep. Another one includes the "Clayton" figure plus some other exclusive animals.

Contents view.

The included "Tarzan" figure.

This is a great vehicle, if you don´t mind using a less detailed vehicle. Over that notion, one may add the HUGE customizing capabilities.

The hood pops open when pressing the front bumper towards the vehicle. Also, the windshield folds down just like the actual (Willys) jeep. On its back, you get a "jerrycan" which is not bad at all... perfectly usable in any diorama or 1:18 vehicle model.

Scale shots with a RAH G.I.Joe figure.

For a clear notion of the scale comparison, this shot illustrates the fact that this Disney line (may) serve some customizing artists.

Status: Unavailable

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