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Sbego Skatepark

Monday, February 21, 2011

Manufactured by Chinese company Guanhua, these collectible skatepark toys connect as modules, to form your "micro board" play center!

Astonishing - similiar - to Tech Deck´s Street Spots sets, these are way cheaper and still great 1:18 diorama items.

Included parts. Stairs, ramp, rails, micro board (1 included in every set) and a handful of clips to attach the parts together.

Assembled view.

Micro Board. To use with your own fingers "to skate just as you would on your feet". Too big for 3 3/4" figures...

"Sbego" skatepark connection system.

Scale shot with a ROC Destro figure.

Scale shot with a Maisto YZF. I love the texture on this toy.

Status: Unavailable

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