Monday, February 14, 2011

The Corps! S.T.A.R. Force 1998 figures - Europe

 Although a total of 12 S.T.A.R. Force figures were available in the 90s, in 1998 only 6 of them were released in Western Europe.

The bottom line of 6 had silver or gold paintings on some of their parts. Those were the ones released in Western Europe. The top line (left to right): Skylord, Cosmic Cobra, Cyber Fly, Gamma Ray, Predator and Velocitor unfortunately were not.

Figure: Vector. SF (S.T.A.R. Force number): 3277

Figure: Spector. SF: 3441

Figure: Reactor. SF: 3838

Figure: Electro. SF: 3648

Figure: Quantum. SF: 3327

Figure: Sapper. SF: 3663

Weapons. All figures had one of these 3 guns, apparently, packed randomly.

Backpacks. Just like the weapons, each figure had one of these backpacks and just like the weapons, there is no exact reference in relation to connection.

Handheld equipment. Same story just like weapons and backpacks.

Lazer Force units. Some "deluxe" figures were equipped with these light-up instruments. And some of them even had a cool stand with a S.T.A.R. Force flag.

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