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Indiana Jones Troop Car

Saturday, February 26, 2011

This 3.75" scale vehicle is another great find.  A real fantastic vehicle usable with many toy lines.

Indy toys fans please correct me if I´m wrong, but it seems Hasbro launched a mega line for all 4 movies. Not sure how smart that move was, but one thing´s for sure: some vehicles (and figures) were a lot more interesting than others. Not a question of personal taste, but attention to detail. The boxes, however, were all "fine-art" pieces.

Included parts.

The Mercedes-Benz G5 model. Pretty close to the actual thing.

The mounted MG42 "toy cannon-conversion". Personally I´d rather have a real scale MG42 with no spring action. But... that´s why Star Wars Sand Troopers guns are so great!

Scale shots. Perfect for Joes. Those drums/ barrels have the right size. Considerably bigger than Chap Mei´s.

The vehicle in all its greatness. This is the level of detail I do enjoy. You can tell it´s a toy, but looks real enough. They didn´t overdo it. Just the right amount of detail.

Undercarriage look. Again, a nice detail here and there. Instead of just "Hasbro".

Some interesting angles. I love the space under the benches for figure legs. It´s a big problem when they have to sit like "lady horse riding".

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