Saturday, October 3, 2009

SWAT Police Crime Kombat Playset

Another find during 2008 Xmas time, this police "armored van" seemed a little poor, yet I obviously set my mind to "get it". I thought it would be the worst of all new SWAT line. I couldn´t be more wrong.

I don´t know if it´s the light gray bars, the display design, something just wasn´t as "cool" as the others. I firmly believe Chap Mei didn´t make this on purpose... but this was a surprise. A good one.

I´m still recovering from the disappointments inflicted by the crime fighter helicopter lack of cockpit details and the police humvee lack of doors. This was turning point of opinion towards this "good looking but not functional line".

Accessories view. We´ll see the vehicle cannon, the knife (and gun) in the next pictures, but the rest we´ll leave since we´ve reviewed them already (refer to SWAT police Humvee).

The loose stuff. A True Heroes Police Force Playset combo set was later introduced containing this van.

The "Swiftblade Bill" figure and his motorized board.

The guy had to be put against the wall, since his legs make an arch... John Wayne alike. But other than that, a great looking figure. The holsters kick ass.

This figure has a lot of cool details, a great custom volunteer.

A scale picture of Bill´s weapons. The pipes aren´t of great use, but the knife looks like the one used by the Nigh Slasher in 1986´s "Cobra".

Sgt Canon. Already seen and reviewed. Please refer to "Police Gangbuster Playset" for more details on this figure.

Swiftblade´s ride. Interesting concept.

The expected moment... the truck, armored van, whatever you wanna call it... I can´t get enough of this vehicle.

Several views. Front cage opened, cannon mounted.

Cages detached, opened prisoner´s roof cage; front without cage and with and without cannon.

This was the main reason of my awe. The back doors... open! And the prisoner´s area is actually separated from the police figures it can carry.

Some great details of this very credible "every-day" police vehicle.

And another design bonus... the side door which opens to reveal the swat police compartment, is shared with the driver´s cabin. And yet another shot of the back. I still can´t believe it really opens!

Scale shots. Feast your eyes on these...

The roof comes off to set up your figures there. Simply great. Because I was getting a bit annoyed when trying to fit the RAH figure from the window. All hail my ignorance. This was a turning point in the sad story of SWAT police non functional vehicles. The roof comes off and you really gotta believe it, because it so well connected (and I don´t mean firm, but almost imperceptible).

The prisoner´s block. Or if you want to customize it... turn it into a Spec Ops fast intervention/ deployment vehicle. And you got space for at least 4 guys fully equipped there.

Another gem. Another must have for all you Chap Mei fans and 3 3/4" collectors out there.

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  1. Luís "ToneGuns" GalileuOctober 3, 2009 at 2:30 AM

    I own that van, it's everything you described and more, but I'm missing a Swiftblade Bill ( any avaliable for trade or sell?).
    About the arch legs, didn't you tried to bend them with boiling water? I know some friends that suceed using that technique.
    The SWAT sets are wonderful and nicely complimented by the Bad Guyz.

  2. Hey Luís!

    Boiling water generally works fine if the plastic was colored before the mold injection process. If you insert a PAINTED plastic into boiling water, forget the paint. However, so far these "reviews" refer to original out-of-the-box conditions pf items. The arched legs are not a flaw "per se", just a wrong angle of the mold.

    Thanks for all your comments.

  3. very very very very very very very very cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. where can i buy these items for cheap ?

  5. @mi:

    You can´t. Many of these are becoming collector items, so the question may be buying these "cheaper", but cheap... never.


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