Friday, October 9, 2009

Indiana Jones Jungle Cutter

Picking up an older post, we finalize this "Indy vehicles" section with a gold key. The Jungle Cutter from the latest movie "Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull".

This is a special value package with 3 figures. For G.I.Joe old school fans, Oktober Guard comes to mind. These Indy vehicles work wonders when you think about Marvel time line and context.

As they come...

The 3 3/4" scale figures are pretty well made, and there´s little to nothing in terms of flaws, since besides being Hasbro toys, it pretty much resembles 90% of what´s being made nowadays.

Included parts view. Note that the AK47s and whip are present, however, I didn´t see a point in showing them, since in the near future we´ll have a chance to take a look at the figures individually.

The Jungle Cutter. I don´t yet know if there is a real-world counterpart, and if so, please let me know. My research came out with no results.

The four views. This is an amazing-looking strange vehicle. But for all you "post-apocalyptic" fans, this is the mad note.

Excellent details. Do enjoy.

The attention to detail is surprisingly high.

The cabin top comes out and the side... uh... soft top... is made of rubber. Neat addition.

Scale shots. If you have a "SeaBees" crew in your joe ranks... you need a jungle cutter!

Status: Unavailable

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